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Neelam Gill for Farfetch x Muuse capsule collection 
"it scares me sometimes, the emptiness i see in my eyes"
— The Wonder Years  (via disorder)

Anonymous said: i just got through all your music suggestions and i just wanted to say i really appreciate you compiling that list for me. i enjoyed just about all of it thanks so much !

No problem! I know some of it it isn’t for everyone, my tastes are a bit strange.. But it was a pleasure!

"A thought is a hard thing to control."
Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Anonymous said: what makes you attracted to her?

Well I’ll answer what attracts me in general. A woman who is intelligent, but goofy. Physically attractive, I love light eyes. Those are really what pull me in at first, and then what keeps me hooked are the nuances of the woman’s personality. And they can be anything, there are no set guidelines for attraction.

"I admire people who have the ability to touch you and still be thousands of miles from your presence."
— William Chapman  (via budddha)

Anonymous said: can you describe her?

If there is a woman, what would you want to know about her?


Anonymous said: hey, i'm in desperate need of new music. i know you have good taste, so if you have any suggestions, i'd greatly appreciate it. any artists, songs, or albums you could recommend would be great. thank you if you take the time to read and answer this message. i hope you're well; i think you're absolutely lovely xx

Hi! I think my taste is alright, but thank you! And of course I’ll give you suggestions, I love getting/responding to messages. I wish I got them more often… And I am only as lovely as you. 

Okay so some of these bands have been around for a little bit, but a lot of it is just what I’ve been feeling lately.

Gold - Chet Faker

All of the Glass Animals record

Time To Kill - Gold & Youth

Ghosst(s) - Lorn

Sweatpants - Childish Gambino

Riverside - Agnes Obel

All of the Cold Specks record

Rooster - Alice In Chains

Alt-J’s new singles are also pretty awesome

The Man In The Iron Mask - Billy Bragg

Boys In The Wood - Black Lips

Fault Line - BRMC

All of After The Disco by the Broken Bells

Where Do We Go From Here? - Charles Bradley

Animal Skins - Dry The River

100 Years  - EMA

Becoming Harmonious - The Glitch Mob

Soul Of A Man - Ramblin’ Jack Elliot

Meet Me In The Alleyway - Steve Earle

Iron - Woodkid

When It Falls - Zero7

There’s a lot there.. And a lot of it comes from more genres than I can mention, but I always get carried away when talking about music… Feel free to message me with any specific moods/vibes/genres!


Anonymous said: interested in anyone?

That’s a secret.